I worked for the shed for two years as a lead tech and was let go for conducting a search and finding syringes.When you do a thorough search some things get displaced.

They terminated me for destruction of property. They pay *** money and after all that time I was never given a yearly review nor offered the 4% raise my co-workers that have been there for longer then me received. I invested a lot of time and energy into that company and a lot of it was off the clock. Didn't even receive an atta a boy.

I can assure you this if you ask any patient who has gone through there in the last two years which TEch treated them with respect it would be me I believed in being firm but fair and for the most part the patients loved me. my co-workrs treated TWA as if it was a NAZI death camp yet they could not spot somebody who was high if their life depended on it.

Ive received emails to U/A certain clients who were doing the right thing for insurance purposes and was only allotted five U/A cups a night so if I ran out and I knew someone was high oh well guess he got a pass because my phantom boss who showed his face once a month sure as *** would not bring me more cups at 1245 am because I would get yelled at for being in overtime but who cares about the kid stoned out of his mind on Flakka and heroin.Make that $$$$$ watershed

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